About Us

Radiant Collagen was founded on one simple premise; to create the highest quality liquid collagen supplement on the market.

There are four key elements that makes Radiant Collagen special...


Radiant Collagen only uses the highest quality ingredients, irrespective of cost. For example, our collagen shots utilise the finest marine collagen, which is rich in type 1 collagen peptides. This is the type found most abundantly in the skin. Furthermore, these particles have been hydrolysed to maximise absorption, ensuring you benefit most from each sachet.


Collagen may be a crucial element of healthy skin, but it’s not the only nutrient known to have a positive impact. Unlike some other collagen supplements, Radiant Collagen is a far more rounded product, incorporating a custom blend of vitamins and minerals to support hair, skin and nail health.


Throughout our development process we’ve taste-tested just about every collagen supplement on the market. And we’ve got to be honest; many had a flavour or texture that simply didn’t work. That’s why we’ve invested considerable time and effort into producing what we believe to be the best tasting collagen supplement currently on the market.


Formulating supplements isn’t always easy, as many manufacturers try to include low quality ingredients or fillers to bulk them out. From the outset, however, we’ve been clear that Radiant Collagen must contain only the finest of ingredients. That’s why we’re so proud that Radiant Collagen is free from artificial flavours and colours, gluten, dairy, sugar and fat.

These four elements combine to create a liquid collagen supplement that we’re so confident about that we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not thrilled with the results.